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Elementary Schools
Learning Centers

Learning Commons Renovation


South Park Elementary School

Deerfield School District 109

Deerfield, Illinois

The Library has been transformed into the Learning Commons: a place that encourages participatory learning, and provides both students and teachers the proper tools and environment.

Project Approach

  • Tour Schools with Principals

  • Educational Adequacy Survey

  • Elementary and Middle School Scope

  • Develop Modern and Unique Designs for all 3 Learning Centers  (see: Shepard Middle and Caruso Middle)

  • Specify Flexible 21st Century Furniture

  • Create Exciting and Functional Spaces for All to Enjoy

GreenAssociates worked with the District to design 3 21st Century Learning Spaces, based on students' current and future needs.  The Learning Commons are no longer an archive; they are a hub for collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Each Includes the Following Elements:

  • Variety of seating and gathering areas

  • Tables/Furniture that can be grouped

  • Flexible/movable Furniture

  • Collaboration areas

  • Study rooms

  • Flexible and adaptable spaces

  • Presentation area

  • Makerspace

  • Supports current and future technology

  • Learning Stairs

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