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Facility Security Assessments


Deerfield High School 109.png
Deerfield High School
Deerfield High School District 113
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Libertyville High School
Community High School District 128

Our assessment is broken into four sections:  Behavioral, Infrastructure, Technology, and the Site.


The changes are outlined, the issues itemized, and the improvement costs estimated.  Site plans include the locations of the issues identified, as well as photographs depicting the problems we observe. 


We provide an assessment that will help faculty members better secure the building.

This includes visitor management protocol, keeping doors and windows closed and locked, establishing and practicing lock down procedures, maintaining good relationships and open communication with local authorities, and monitoring existing security infrastructure.


We perform a walk-through of the building and inspect existing conditions at exterior doors, vestibules, and key points throughout the buildings.


We make note of doors that need to be kept locked at all times and that will need appropriate hardware to do so. We also verify that the existing hardware is working properly on doors that need to remain secure.  In some instances where an extra layer of security would be beneficial, we may suggest the installation of additional security doors.


When it comes to technology, it's important to ensure that all existing cameras, monitors, and alarm systems are working properly. 

We will assess the condition of your existing systems and suggest locations for additional equipment in order to provide complete security coverage. Technology also covers access control equipment such as video or audio intercom, buzzers, and proximity card readers. We will recommend entrances that would benefit from these systems.


Every school needs exterior protection. We find problem areas and suggest ways to strategically place bollards and gates in order to protect against vehicular attacks.  We also identify any vulnerable utilities on the exterior that would benefit from using security fencing. 

Our assessments improve the safety and security of the districts' students and staff alike through our proven method of Deter, Detect, Delay and Respond.


Recent Security Assessment Experience

Community HSD 117
  • Antioch Community High School

  • Lakes Community High School

Deerfield SD 109
  • Partial Security Assessment of main office and main entrance at all Elementary and Middle School buildings


Joliet SD 86
  • 29 Buildings

Morris CHSD 101
  • 2018 Security Assessment

Mount Prospect SD 57
  • Westbrook School

  • Fairview Elementary School

  • Lions Park Elementary School

  • Lincoln Middle School


Township HSD 113
  • Highland Park High School

  • Deerfield High School

Township HSD 214
  • John Hersey High School

  • Prospect High School

  • Buffalo Grove High School

  • Elk Grove High School

  • Forest View High School

  • Rolling Meadows High School

  • Wheeling High School

  • Sigwalt House

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