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Architectural Design


The best design processes are interactive.

Your goals define our designs.

Your challenges determine our path.

We take pride in each project.

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The Design Process at GreenAssociates begins with understanding the problem and the goals of our client. Our “Design Thinking” is focused on defining that problem and implementing ideas which form a concept that is in direct alignment with our client’s needs. We believe that it is important for us to listen to and empathize with their thoughts and concerns.


To gain better insight, we engage with the client to provide a deeper sense of what is desired and how together we can achieve a successful result. We do this through a series of interviews, workshops, observations, collecting data, and research. Once we have developed a program, we request confirmation from our client before exploring any concepts.


It has been our experience that it is better to begin with a wide variety of concepts and then narrow the focus as we look for possible solutions. Using a physical model or prototype can be very useful in communicating our ideas to the client. We rely on feedback to develop a solution that meets the goals of the project.


A cost estimate is also necessary before a solution can be finally accepted. At GreenAssociates we believe our Design Process produces enlightened designs and practical solutions.










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