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Facilities Master Plan


Where are we now?  
Where are we going? 
How do we get there?

A good facilities master plan is a living, actionable document that addresses all of the district facilities needs over a given timeframe and utilizes the District Strategic Education Plan as its underpinning.  There are several steps in creating a facilities master plan.


1.  Perform a Detailed Facilities Conditions Assessment
isual Assessment and Photo Documentation):

  • Assess current existing conditions across following 11 components:

    • Site (roads/walks/pavement, drainage, playground equipment, separation of vehicles)

    • Exterior Envelope (roofs, walls, windows, doors/frames/hardware & sealants)

    • Interior Materials & Finishes (walls, flooring, ceilings, windows, doors/frames/hardware, paint, FF&E)

    • Hazardous Materials (presence of and abatement plan if any)

    • Life Safety (incorporate current Life Safety Survey and update as necessary)

    • Structural System

    • Mechanical System (HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection)

    • Electrical System (Power, Lighting, Low Voltage & Security)

    • Technology (Educational Technology, Communications)

    • Educational Adequacy (utilize A4LE’s assessment tool)

    • Future Expandability

  • Interview Facilities Personnel for anecdotal information and maintenance records.

  • Review and Incorporate previous facilities reports and studies undertaken by the district to address open issues

  • Develop “Menu” of anticipated cost to remediate each deficiency by component 

2.  Present Findings of Existing Conditions w/Costs to Administration and BoE

3.  Prioritize Educational Goals & Objectives:

  • Overlay Strategic Educational Plan

  • Identify windows of remediation and implementation 

    • Immediate: 0-12 months (Life Safety, Security & Weather tightness)

    • Short Term: 1yr – 3yrs (Near End of Life of Materials & Systems, Program Changes)

    • Mid-Term: 4yrs – 10yrs. (Anticipated End of Life of Materials & Systems)

    • Long Term: > 10yrs

4. Develop Timeframe Options for Implementation based upon District Finances

5. Identify Projects with Scopes, Schedules and Budgets

6. Administration, BoE and Facilities Team to Review Master Plan Annually

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Millburn West School
SD 24
Millburn West School
SD 24
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