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Our Pledge to You:

To create high-quality, innovative solutions to meet the challenging needs of educational facilities.


Senior Project Architect

Aaron Woessner 8x8.png

Aaron provides daily construction administration to ensure its timely completion.


Project Architect

Alan Covartti 8x8.png

Alan develops initial project designs into clear, accurate plans, ensuring streamlined project implementation.


Architectural Team Member

Alice Gao 8x8.png

Alice received her masters in architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology. She is passionate about seeing sustainable architecture and education coming together in real life.


Architectural Team Member

Alexis Nino 8x8.png

Alexis recently received her Masters in Architecture from the University of Kansas.


Project Architect

Amy White 8x8.png

 Amy is responsible for feasibility studies, design guidelines, façade examinations, and the preparation of construction documents.


Administrative Assistant

Casie Moran 8x8.png

Casie makes certain the daily needs of the office are met and ensures a successfully run workplace.


Architectural Team Member

Desiree Lox 8x8 300dpi_edited.png

Desiree’ excels in design functionality; utilizing skills acquired in the field working as a journeyman carpenter.


Architectural Team Member

A recent graduate from IIT Chicago with a Master of Architecture, Divya believes in the impact architecture has in forming communities.

Divya Sureban 8x8.png


Architectural Team Member

Emily Near 8x8.png

 Emily believes that architecture can and should benefit all members of a community.


Architectural Team Member

Eric Vanderwerff 8x8.png

Eric is very familiar with educational technology in schools. He has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Illinois.


Architectural Team Member

George Apergis 8x8 72dpi.png

George has worked on multiple types of projects ranging from hospitality, religious, and single-family custom homes.


Architectural Team Member

Cristobal Montoya 8x8 300dpi.png

A graduate from UIC School of Architecture in 2023, Cris has a passion to ensure to connect the architecture with the community.


Architectural Team Member

Jack Kitzman 8x8.png

Jack has a Master of Architecture from Kent State, and is responsible for overall drawing clarity and timely project delivery. 


Architectural Team Member

Jesus Jimenez 8x8_edited.png

A Marine Corps Veteran, Jesus has worked as Architectural Senior Associate, Municipal Inspector, Construction Manger, and in Hydroponic farming.


Architectural Team Member

R. Lee Holmes 8x8 300dpi.png

Lee received an associate degree in architecture from Lincoln Land Community College and has worked on everything from stair riser replacement to new multi-million-dollar schools.


Architectural Team Member

Mark Cornell 8x8.png

Mark has worked on a variety of buildings over his career, from low income housing to the health care sector.


Information Technician

Micah Vanderbilt 8x8.png

Micah uses his expertise and strong coding background to streamline Green’s technical operations behind the scenes.



Michaela Frederick 8x8.png

Michaela maintains bidder information, organizes upcoming projects and keeps the office running efficiently and effectively.


Interior Designer

Nancy Cozzi 8x8.png

 A recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Nancy keeps in mind the goal of creating safe and exciting learning environments.


Architectural Team Member

Nathan Tedeschi 8x8.png

Nathan strives to understand the needs of the user to develop functional spaces that enhance the built environment experience.


Architectural Team Member

Owen Westlake 8x8 300dpi.png

Owen is a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s in architecture. He is passionate about improving the quality of everyday life through thoughtful design.


Graphic Designer

Paul Wachter 8x8.png

 Paul has experience in design, branding, copywriting, audience research, and process evaluation.


Interior Designer

Roaa helps create functional space layouts and aesthetically pleasing environments for students and staff alike.

Roaa Aldaw 8x8.png


Architectural Team Member

Sameera Brahme 8x8 300dpi.png

Sameera recently graduated with a master's degree in architecture from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, and is captivated by the ever-shifting architectural realm.


Architectural Team Member

Sarah Gloeckner 8x8.png

Sarah received her Bachelors in Architecture from Ball State University and aims to promote health and wellbeing in the built environment.


Architectural Team Member

Susan N 8x8 300dpi.png

Susan provides administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office.


Architectural Team Member

Yamileth Ovalle 8x8.png

Yamileth received her Masters in Architecture from University of Illinois Chicago and is passionate about seeing creative visions come to life!

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