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High Schools

Masonry Restorations


Dixon High School​

Dixon Public Schools District 170

Dixon, Illinois

This iconic building built in 1929 needed significant investment to remain viable.  All work had to be sensitive to the historic character of the building for this $23 million restoration / renovation project. The work was completed utilizing a multi-phase approach over a two-year period while school remained in session.

  • Masonry Restoration Project restoring the entire 1929 building shell 
    - Reconstruction of the iconic six-story central tower was critical

- Replication of precast accent pieces
- All windows replaced with energy efficient aluminum windows

- Original window size restored

  • Interior decorative plaster surfaces restored

  • Geothermal ground source heating and cooling system installed

  • Renovated Science Lab, Learning Center and instructional spaces

  • Building upgraded to LED lighting

Replication of masonry and precast concrete details while remaining true to the original building required...

- Removing each piece of precast

- Creating detailed measurements of each piece

- Identifying each piece's location in the facade

- Making detailed drawings in order to replicate the piece

- Receiving and reinstalling each unique piece in its specific location

  • Installed modern, high performance window system replicating the original design

  • New geothermal heating and cooling system

- Incorporated mechanical units, piping and ductwork throughout

 - Concealed components in chases, soffits, closets etc., to maintain vernacular

  • Care was taken to limit impact on the exterior envelope of the building

  • The historic clay tile roof was preserved

- Areas removed to allow for work
- Reinstallation while maintaining the original character of the building

Re-oriented Main Office

  • New secure entrance to the building was provided while maintaining the original monumental entrance

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