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Middle Schools
Science Labs

Science Lab Renovation


Benjamin Middle School

Benjamin School District 25

West Chicago, Illinois

The project at Benjamin Middle School was a complete renovation of their three existing science labs, adjoining preparation rooms and small group instructional space. All the rooms were stripped down to the existing walls, reconfiguring the layout of each space to improve sight lines and maximize efficiency. 


The science labs were fitted with new perimeter casework, epoxy counters, student sinks and gas service.  The center of the room was equipped with mobile teacher carts, power cord reels, suspended hanging track system and mobile student tables to provide flexible, reconfigurable tables.

Each lab was configured with main teaching walls, oversized marker boards, ceiling mounted projectors and an interactive large screen monitor on rails to maximize viewing options. The main science preparation room has a shared pass-thru fume hood to ease setting up experiments and allow student interaction. 


A shared small group instructional room was placed between the labs to provide a flexible learning environment allowing students the option to learn at their own pace. 


Each room was finished utilizing a unique color palette to distinguish each lab, contrasting grid ceiling system, new dimmable LED lighting, resilient sheet flooring with meter marks, along with upgrades to the supporting mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.

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