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Be Eco-Cool to Your School!

Now more than ever, schools are looking for ways to save money while lessening their overall carbon footprint. Here are some easy-to-implement ideas for cleaner schools, lower costs, and happier students and faculty!

Start in the Classroom...

Create a Recycling Center

A classroom recycling center is a great way to get kids excited about recycling. Elect a student weekly to serve as a “Green Overseer”, making sure everything is in its proper place.

Double Paper’s Use

Create a scratch paper bin. Encourage students to change an old sheet into a new sheet simply by flipping it over!

Let the Air Flow

Keep vent areas free from clutter and blockages to maximize efficiency.

Plant Plants

What better way to bring nature into the classroom? Plants purify the air and are proven to reduce stress.

Track the Progress

Data analysis skills are utilized through “green tracking”. Periodically add up the number bottles and cans in your recycle bins and weigh recycled paper. Graph your recycling efforts over time. Offer parties and prizes for increasing the numbers.

...and Continue Throughout the School!

Meet the Energy Meters

Involve pupils on a quantifiable level: energy meters provide insight about their schools’ energy consumption, allowing students to monitor and graph energy usage and savings. This hands-on approach connects the dots between action and environmental benefit.

Adopt Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Most schools use poisonousness, toxic chemicals, paints and fertilizers that can endanger a students’ health. Start a campaign for green, non-toxic alternatives.

Get Certified

The Center for Green Schools offers a Green Classroom Professional Certificate course to encourage educators to make environmentally conscious decisions within their school. The course is offered on-line and participants can complete the training in about two hours. Check it out here:

Future generations will need to take much better care of this world if mankind is to survive. Eco-cool steps taken in schools today may start them down that path.

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