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Elementary Schools

Learning Spaces - Planning and Designing


Cherokee, Everett, and Sheridan Elementary, and Deer Path Middle Schools

Lake Forest Elementary School District 67

Lake Forest, Illinois

GreenAssociates was hired to analyze the learning spaces and classroom environments for Lake Forest Elementary School District 67, and provide creative solutions to re-design and renovate their existing spaces. This project included investigating the existing learning environment, engaging the students and teachers in workshops and furniture presentations.

The “Design Thinking” process involved classroom furniture prototypes for critique, that were used in test classrooms in the fall. The furniture is mobile and allows for flexibility in the classrooms thereby promoting student collaboration and communication. Lighting was upgraded to energy efficient LED fixtures that are dimmable and create a more comfortable environment.

GreenAssociates worked with the District to develop standards that were implemented over 5 years.


Classroom walls were once painted a bland tan or muted color. Today, however, we see more vibrant colors that are more reminiscent of a Crayola box. Studies show that color has an impact on student behavior.

Typically, warmer colors such as red, orange, and yellow tend to be more stimulating and are therefore more appropriate for younger students. To contrast, cooler colors like blue and violet promote calmness and are better suited for middle school and high school classrooms.

Project Approach:
  • Tour Schools with Principals

  • Educational Adequacy Survey

  • Teacher’s Workshop

  • Elementary and Middle School Engagement Exercise

  • Furniture Presentation to Students and Teachers

  • Professional Development Classroom Layout with Teachers

  • Classroom Furniture Prototypes

  • Develop District Standards

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