Lake County High Schools Technology Campus

The Lake County High Schools Technical Campus at 19525 West Washington Street in Grayslake, has been providing technical and vocational training to 22 area high schools for nearly 40 years. The 202,000 SF facility plays host to over 1900 juniors and seniors who seek hands on training in any one of ten career fields.

Cosmetology was one of the first vocational classes offered at LCHSTC and the department has been operating in the same classroom spaces since the 1990s. Always a popular field of study, the department’s enrollment has grown over the past decade to the point where their existing instructional and lab spaces no longer functioned efficiently. GreenAssociates was asked to provide ideas on how the space could be configured to accommodate the larger enrollment as well as better support the department’s curriculum.

We went to work developing design alternatives; adjusting the number and configuration of the teaching stations, varying ceiling and lighting layouts, and creating support spaces to complement the lab floor. After several design charettes, it was determined the new cosmetology program could be made to fit into its existing space with the addition of a few modifications and an upgrading of instructional equipment. A final direction was chosen and work began on the actual design.

The work will require the complete interior gutting and rebuilding of the existing 9,362 square foot space. This will first require the removal of any asbestos. Once completed, new surfaces, plumbing, and teaching station equipment will be installed, along with a reworked ceiling. Existing 2x4 light fixtures will be re-used, but new duct work and a dedicated exhaust system will be added to keep the new spaces fume free. Along those lines, new roof top HVAC units will be placed to improve air conditioning for not only cosmetology but adjacent departments as well. Dedicated classroom space will be created from the main lab area using gypsum board and metal stud dividers.

As part of the project scope, a new 225 square foot security vestibule will be added to the main building. Although not dedicated to the cosmetology department, it will greatly enhance building security and in doing so, student safety.