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The FY 2020 Round 1 School Maintenance Project Grant (SMPG) application period will open in IWAS on Dec. 9 and close at 5 p.m. on Feb. 14. All applications must be submitted in IWAS to the Regional Office of Education by Feb. 14 at 5 p.m., no exceptions.
There is approximately $44 million available for the FY 2020 Round 1 School Maintenance Project Grant. Grants will be approved up to the amount released by the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget. Future application cycles will be open when funds are released.
The School Maintenance Project Grant is a dollar-for-dollar state matching grant program providing awards up to $50,000 to grantees exclusively for the maintenance or upkeep of buildings or structures for educational purposes. Ongoing operational costs, including in-house labor for SMPG projects not contracted out, cannot be included for any School Maintenance Project Grant. A project may involve different types of work on a single building or structure or may involve a single type of work (e.g., new roofing or windows) on several buildings or structures. There is no limit to the cost of a project; however, grant awards shall not exceed $50,000 per grant award, and applicants shall provide a match from local funds equal to the grant amount requested.
Eligible Applicants: Any school district, cooperative high school, Type 40 area vocational center, or special education cooperative may apply for the grant.
All applicants must submit a SMPG GATA Risk Assessment (found under Grants) and SMPG Application (found under Surveys) in the IWAS System. Access to these systems are granted to district administrators. If another staff member will be completing the application, the district administrator will have to give authorization through IWAS.
A summary of the steps that are necessary to fully execute the FY 2020 Round 1 SMPG are as follows:
1. Complete and submit the SMPG Grant Application via IWAS. Local board approval is required for completion of this step.
2. Complete and submit the SMPG GATA Risk Assessment via IWAS.
3. Review and approval by regional superintendent (ROE).
4. Review and approval by ISBE School Business Services Department.