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Middle Schools

Cafeteria / Multi-Purpose Room


IASB Honorable Mention 2022.png

Caruso Middle School

Deerfield Public Schools District 109

Deerfield, Illinois

The school had a definitive wish list for their cafeteria renovation:

  • Offer students choices for their lunchtime seating preferences.

  • Enlarge the space to accommodate more seating.

  • Provide a creative event space and large group meeting room.

  • Improve the environment to be inviting and pleasant.

The resulting design was truly a Multi-Purpose Room; functioning as a cafeteria, large meeting room, music room, P.E. class, wrestling room and afterschool club meeting space.  The natural lighting and sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels result in a quieter more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The space provides relaxing biopholic elements by incorporating modern natural wood tones, natural light, and colors we associate with nature such as greens and blues.  

The dynamic lighting, playful geometric shapes, and unique flooring layout energize the users and create the perfect space for recharging.  Furniture of varying sizes, types and group configurations offer students flexibility and choice.

The cafeteria’s new atrium addition has greatly improved the school’s exterior façade by introducing a color metal wall system and saw-tooth fenestration pattern.

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