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Elementary Schools

Additions and Renovations


Elizabeth Meyer Early Learning School

Skokie School District 73.5

Skokie, Illinois

Phase 1

  • Joint Project with  the Village of Skokie

  • Underground Storm Water Control and Storage for School & Neighborhood

Phase 2

  • New Learning Center

  • Gymnasium

  • Six Classrooms

  • Art / Music Classroom

  • Energy Efficient Geothermal Heating and Cooling Center

  • New Playground

  • Storm Shelter

Flexible seating and shelving units allow for various groupings of furniture to be arranged for both larger and smaller groups to gather. 

The curving and circular layout of the furniture can also be found in the ceiling patterns overhead. Meeting tables can be clustered into groups of three which allows up to six students at a table. 

A raised platform at the window bay provides a presentation area for special events. However, that area can also be easily transformed into a comfortable reading area with beanbag seating. Another larger presentation area with a technology wall is featured near the circulation desk. 

A puzzle piece table is featured near the entry to the Learning Center and provides students with a makerspace that can support up to eight students.

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