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High Schools

Maintenance Garage


Antioch Community High School

Community High School District 117

Antioch, Illinois

The existing maintenance facility buildings at Antioch Community High School had long exceed their life expectancy. The new combined building was constructed utilizing split face concrete block and pre-finished metal roof to provide a long maintenance free structure. The design of the maintenance garage was executed with both functionality and safety in mind.  This included a fire suppression system, proper ventilation, and adequate lighting. 

The interior of the garage was designed to maximize efficiency and easy of use. This includes a storage mezzanine over the office / breakroom area, providing adequate space for the vehicles and equipment, as well as space for tools and supplies. 

The garage was also  equipped with a lift to facilitate the maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment.

Finally, the garage was equipped with appropriate safety features, such as a carbon monoxide and nitrous dioxide gas detection system, fire extinguishers, and signs indicating the location of safety equipment, in compliance with all local building codes and regulations.

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