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High Schools

Culinary Classroom


Antioch  High School

Community High School District 117

Antioch, Illinois

The culinary kitchen renovation project at Antioch Community High School took the existing tired and dated foods lab, and renovated the space to fulfill the needs of the changing culinary foods program and 21st Century Learning.

The deteriorated furnishings and fixtures were replaced with new modern cabinets, seamless stainless-steel counters, updated appliances and plumbing fixtures.  Stainless-steel tables on rolling casters allow for a flexible teaching environment, where the tables can be easily moved to expand the kitchenette workspace or lined up in rows for lecture.

Reconfiguration of the existing student work centers allowed for an additional work space removing physical barriers. The room was brightened up by using energy efficient dimmable LED lighting, along with clean white washable ceiling and fresh bold finishes.

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