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High Schools

Athletic Facilities


Antioch and Lakes Community High Schools

Community High School District 117

Lake Villa, Illinois

Completed in Summer 2021, the District field house addition will serve the students and communities of both district high schools.

The facility houses a 200-meter 6 lane running track, a 60-meter 8 lane dash track, pole vault lane and pads, long-jump lane and sand pit, 4 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts, batting cages and other floor markings for various events and practices.

Over 1,500 visitors can view events from bleachers on the main floor or from mixed seating on the upper level balcony, which expands the existing cafeteria.

This field house provides the athletic department many opportunities to host tournaments in a variety of competitions, and offer more indoor space for physical education classes and practice.

Operable curtains can divide the space into distinct areas, allowing the track and four multi-purpose courts to be separate.  Flooring is comprised of two separate competition flooring materials.  State-of-the-art audio and video infrastructure is integrated throughout.

“The district is constantly researching with the sole purpose of providing our students with the best possible experiences during and after school,” said Kurt Rowells, Lakes Athletic Director. “The district has been looking into increasing the indoor athletic spaces at Lakes for many years, and a field house not only solves the space issue at Lakes but goes further to provide a competitive and practice space for all programs in District 117."

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