Our project approach is tailored to our client’s needs.  Because a new building will require different activities than a small addition or a building system upgrade, we evaluate each client’s unique challenges to determine the best way to proceed. 

Our philosophy is that the design process is at its best when it is interactive.  We encourage clients to participate in the design process and stay involved through all of the project’s phases.

Our focus on client’s goals and objectives gives definition to our designs.   We work with administrators, boards, and staff to first understand their needs and then create the physical solutions to address them. 

We also work with the client to build communication for the project within the community. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we believe that meetings and presentations with community groups is important in building understanding and trust.

We make it a priority to learn how our clients prefer to conduct business.  Their expectations, schedules, and mission statement become part of our project team’s playbook.  The comment we hear most often after a project is completed is that we listened. 

As owners in the firm, GreenAssociates principals are also the project managers for all commissions.  This involvement of top level management assures attention to detail, a commitment to quality, and smoothly run projects that exceed client expectations.

We are excited about what we do at GreenAssociates.  In our small way, we contribute to the betterment of communities through the improvement and extension of the built environment.  Whether for school or park districts, towns or counties, we take pride in each project and do our best for each client.